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Jerry and Lora's House

New Pics 19 Sep 2003

New Pics as of 31 March 01

New Pics as of 25 Jan 01

Pics as of 19 Jan 01

As of 28 Oct 2000

 Someone Stole Our Stumps!
 The Basement
 The Walkout
 Michigan's Wildlife

Taken around 20 Oct
 I'm Stumped
 Michigan's True Color
 The Shadow Makes an Appearance

The Last Batch of Pics

 The Four Corners Area
 View from Inside
 An Illusion?
 Some Different Views

The Plans

This is a big pic, so maybe you should go get a cup of coffee while it opens

Day 1

The Beginning

 Stacks of Logs
Edge of the World
 A Nice Dead Tree
Jaws (Now I can't go in the woods either!)
 The Backyard
 Trail to the Edge
Wide Angle Shot
Small Feet, Big Stump

Day 2

Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun
People and Trees
5, 6 and 7, 8
A Shady Stump?
Things Are Looking Up

Day 3

Rain Delay - Not Enough Progress to Warrent Pictures

Day 4

Didn't get over there today, had a massive Thunderstorm after work, maybe tomorrow.....

Day 5

The Thinning of the Herd

 Just like my Hair, thinning!
 Jaws Protecting the Catch
 The Logger
 From Dark to Light
 Blocked Path

The Next Day

 What happens when a falling tree meets another tree
Trail to the Edge 2
Can you see the House?
Low Leaves
Where have all my friends gone?
The woods that will remain
Which way do you want to go?
Looking Up Two
More Wide Angle Shots

Part II

The Clean Up

 Time Lapse Photography...Sort Of