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The house was finally set on Thursday, 25 Jan 01.  We didn't get out there until it was almost all over (in civilian life, work comes first).  Lora did get shots of them raising the roof.    It's one big house on the inside.  I've decided not to post any inside pics until it's finished.

Here's the pics from 25 Jan

Setting the House
Setting the House 2
Setting the House 3

Raising of the Roof 1
 Raising of the Roof 2
Raising of the Roof 3
 Raising of the Roof 4
Raising of the Roof 5
 Raising of the Roof 6
Raising of the Roof 7
 Raising of the Roof 8
Raising of the Roof 9

A Dozing Dozer

The Back of the House
The Garage Side of the House
The Front of the House
The Deck Side of the House
A Long Shot of the House