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Hi, and welcome to my Tootsietoy page.  I've been collecting Tootsietoys for about 5 years and have about 200+ in my collection.  Tootsietoys have been around since 1911 and are known as

The Worlds First Diecast Models

There has been a recent explosion in the Tootsietoy market.  When I first started collecting you could only find a few on the web, and EBAY was just starting.  Today, the prices have skyrocketed and there are over 900 on EBAY at most times.  You can find them almost anywhere; Flea Markets, Antique Stores, and Yard Sales.  I've seen prices from less then $1 to $4000+.  Pre-1970 models are the most valueable and getting harder to find.  These models are all metal (except the tires) and (except for a few) over three inches long.

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Pictures Of My Tootsietoys

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